The partnership of MOIC and Digitalis aims at Essential Medicines & Rational Therapy & Beneficial and Safe Outcomes. The driving force of all products and services of Digitalis is Knowledge Management in the field of Medicines Optimisation (MO). More particular Digitalis develops technology at the point of care to support:
● the rational selection and procurement of essential medicines: STEPSelect
● the rational and safe application of pharmacotherapy in practice: Prescriptor & Clinical Rules

The knowledge transfer from source to practice is an incremental and dynamic process where field partners as MOIC are indispensable for Digitalis. To illustrate this, Digitalis launched its pay-off ‘Hosting YOUR Knowledge’. Innovation is not an isolated solo enterprise, but fruitful in a continuous and creative collaboration with partners like MOIC. We both have the desire to improve outcomes of the implementation of health technology with regard to a more efficient knowledge transfer into practice.

MOIC and Digitalis also share the ambition to display outcomes and spread their collective experiences and tools with other partners across Europe. We sense the opportunity that new technologies are more fit for purpose to open up stagnated infrastructures and inefficient and irrational care processes. As a society we invest increasingly in the use of medicines as such. However as the cost of inappropriate use of medicines transcends this (or rise even faster) we believe that our solutions can boost the health economy of many different healthcare systems.
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