An area in which Northern Ireland has achieved particular recognition through the European Innovation Partnership is medicines optimisation and in recent years we have been working to address the physical, structural and behavioural barriers to medicines optimisation through the development of innovative solutions. The MOIC will take a focused, systematic approach to developing and testing medicines optimisation solutions and supporting their translation into service delivery. We are confident that it will bring wider benefits, enabling us to produce solutions which can be developed commercially, and marketed and shared with other countries; and increasing our capacity for collaboration with established international research networks.  The Centre will focus on 4 key areas of working: Hosting, Knowledge transfer, Quality improvement and Research. The current initiatives are the involvement in EU grants, knowledge transfer in relation to pharmacy systems developed in NI, continued development of technology solutions, training and development of other Health Care Professionals and development of Public-Private cross-sector working thereby helping the local economy.

Examples in which MOIC will continue to develop technology solutions are:

  • Bespoke locker. Hospital Metalcraft Ltd
  • Safe Therapeutic Economic Pharmaceutical Selection (STEPSelect). Digitalis Amsterdam-Dublin
  • Electronic Pharmacist Intervention Clinical System (EPICs). Yarra Software Ltd
  • Medicines Reconciliation Software (Writemed). Yarra Software Ltd
  • Antimicrobial Surveillance System (LAMPs). Yarra Software Ltd

Other key initiatives are:

  • European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA): resulting in the 4 Star Reference Site Status in 2016. Northern Ireland was 1 of only 8 Reference Sites to achieve the 4 Star Status, and 1 of 5 applicants to receive full marks against all 5 criteria. The application featured MOIC and examples of work being delivered in Medicines Optimisation in Northern Ireland. See News & Media.
  • Healthcare-SAT, Secure Analytics Tagging: ARC-net
  • European Connected Health Alliance: Medicines Optimisation inter-ecosystem group

At the heart of the innovation and change programme is the key goal ‘identifying and scaling up good practice’.