Frans van Andel has Dutch nationality. He holds degrees in health economics from the Universities of Groningen and Utrecht and in public health from Harvard University, USA.  Frans was awarded a PhD in pharmaceutical economics from Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He has more than 25 years’ experience in economic issues involving pharmaceuticals and medical devices, with work experience in the pharmaceutical industry (Novartis, Switzerland), CRO’s, academia (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) and in international organisations including the European Commission, World Health Organization, World Bank and bilateral programmes.
The specific remit of MOIC in internationalisation is to involve the organisation in EU and other grants, which aim to improve patient care in medicines optimisation across Europe. MOIC aims to further knowledge transfer in pharmacy medicines optimisation systems developed in Northern Ireland to other parts of the UK and Europe. A further focus is to advance the training and development of Health Care Professionals through welcoming visitors to Northern Ireland from Europe and overseas for training periods lasting up to 5 months.
Frans van Andel is leading the MOIC internationalisation process, aiming for the organisation to be an international hub for all aspects of medicines optimisation in areas such as research and development, human resources development and training and technical support. The starting point of internationalisation is the unique experience gained in Northern Ireland over almost 16 years of implementing medicines optimisation. Frans van Andel is well placed for his role in view of his many years of experience overseas in various roles with international organisations in the public and private sector, his project focussed approach and his intimate knowledge of pharmaceutical delivery and financing systems across the world. He is fluent in Dutch, English and German and conversant in French and Russian.